Airsoft gear bundle in Denton, Denton County, Texas

Sporting Goods Denton, Denton, Denton County, Texas
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I'm am willing to adjust my pricing on some of the items. I would prefer to sell them all together but am willing to sell out by item.
To get in contact with me either call or text 940-452-0750

Hk G36 electric and spring system with mag FPS 250 PRICE $60
Black ops AK-74U no mag modification for bigger battery FPS 300 PRICE $40
APS Comceptions shell ejecting bolt action snipe/ shell catch bag/ 4 mags/ 24 shells/ 2 shell CO2 loader FPS 350-1000 depending on the shell used PRICE $325
Black air tank bag PRICE $15
Tan air tank bag PRICE $15
Sportsman CO2 pistol with mag FPS 250 PRICE $25
Bear Weapons CO2 pistol with holster FPS 300 PRICE $30
Echo 1 futuristic M4 platform/3 mags/2 batteries/ bipod/ fast charger battery charger FPS 350 PRICE $200
NcStarr Molle vest with 6 taco rifle mag pouches/ 3 taco pistol mag pouches/ various utility clips PRICE $40
Multi cam flak jacket PRICE $50
2 airsoft gi dead rags PRICE FREE

Condition: Good

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Post date January 6, 2020 2:24 PM